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Lake Louise 60 Minute Mountain Portrait Experience
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Lake Louise is one of most celebrated photography locations in the world. Having a Professional Photographer capture you and your family in the midst of the majesty of the Lake and surrounding Mountains is an opportunity not to be missed. Our photographers work fulltime for Banff Photography and live and work fulltime at Lake Louise. They are highly skilled craftspeople who have an intimate knowledge of our unique landscape and how to capture beautiful portraiture in it.Working at up to 8 different locations around the Lake we will capture multiple compositions. You will receive all the editing images in high resolution via a secured cloud folder copyright released. We want you to be able to use the images in any way you want!You will also get a 4x6 print of each edited image and a 10% coupon off a Journey Book. Our Journey Book is a photo book you create online starting with a book template we have curated for you incorporating professionally captured landscape photography.

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